Quick Recovery with Minimally Invasive Surgery

Knee Replacement For The Active Patient

For several decades, active and young patients have not been recommended knee replacement surgery by any knee surgeon. The extensive and invasive total knee replacement surgery was typically meant for patients aged sixty and above. Elderly people who had severe degenerative arthritis or other chronic conditions of the knees that impaired mobility and functionality of… read more »

Knee Arthroscopy For Meniscus Tears

Meniscus tears can happen to anyone, irrespective of age, gender and lifestyle. Meniscus tears occur in the knees. Meniscus is a cartilaginous tissue in the knees whose primary function is to absorb the shock that knees are subjected to during movements, sporting activities and due to any physical injury or accident. When the tissue is… read more »

Therapeutic Exercises For Patients With Knee Pain

Are you one of thousands that are suffering from knee pain, but you are just not ready to have surgery done? If you answered “yes” you are in luck. Unfortunately orthopedic surgeons are all too familiar with knee pain. Often times they will have a consolation with a potential client and decide that it is… read more »

Benefits Of Hip Replacement Using The Direct Anterior Approach

Hip replacement has become a very common surgical procedure today. The success of traditional hip replacement surgeries have laid the foundation of confidence and belief of numerous people who have hip problems, have been injured in major accidents or have partial disability and immobility due to certain musculoskeletal problems. Today, there are two types of… read more »

Benefits of Knee Replacement

When you hear your doctor tell you that you might need a knee replacement you automatically think about all the time off of work you will need and how long the recovery time will take. It is not often that people first think about who they will choose to be there knee surgeon. Choosing a… read more »

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