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Arthritis of the hand does not have to result in a painful or sedentary life. It is important to seek help from your New Orleans orthopaedic specialist early so that treatment can begin and you can return to doing what matters most to you.

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It is estimated that one out of every five people living in the United States has at least one joint with signs or symptoms of arthritis. About half of arthritis sufferers are under age 50. Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States and it typically occurs from either disease or trauma.

Diagnosis of Arthritis of the Hand

Your orthopaedic specialist in New Orleans can diagnose arthritis of the hand by examining your hand and by taking X-rays. Sometimes a bone scan is helpful because it may help the doctor diagnose arthritis when it is in an early stage, even if X-rays look normal.

Symptoms of Arthritis of the Hand

Early arthritis of the hand symptoms can be vague and confusing, but they are important to recognize. Newly diagnosed hand arthritis patients quickly realize that early symptoms are just the first layer to be uncovered before a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan can be established.

Early symptoms linked to arthritis usually include:

  • Joint pain
  • Joint stiffness
  • Tenderness in and around the joint
  • Limited range of motion in one or more joints
  • Redness and warmth around the affected joint

Treatment of Arthritis of the Hand

Treatment options for hand arthritis include medication, splinting, injections, and surgery.  The treatment your New Orleans orthopaedic surgeon chooses depends on:

  • How far the arthritis has progressed;
  • How many joints are involved;
  • Your age, activity level and other medical conditions;
  • If the dominant or non-dominant hand is affected;
  • Your personal goals, home support structure, and ability to understand the treatment and comply with a therapy program.

If nonsurgical treatment fails to give relief, surgery is usually discussed. There are many surgical options. The option chosen should be one that has a reasonable chance of providing long-term pain relief and return to function. It should be tailored to your individual needs.

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