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by Dr. Neil Baum | Urologist at Touro Infirmary on Dr. Richard Meyer, Jr. - Orthopedic Specialists of New Orleans
Fabulous Staff Who Are Very Attentive and Kind

I am a physician and am physically very active. I had a knee injury from tennis with meniscus tear. I had arthroscopic repair of the meniscus by Dr. Meyer and I was back at work in a few days and with several sessions of rehab, I was playing tennis in a few weeks. Dr. Meyer also has a fabulous staff who are very attentive and kind to the patients. I personally recommend him and also have sent family members to him for their orthopedic care.

I Am 100% Better Now!

I had pain in the knee and went to Dr. Meyer for a Knee Replacement. The results were Fantastic. Dr. Meyer and his staff are excellent. I am 100% better now! If you need a knee replacement I recommend you give Dr. Meyer a call.

Patient Care Is Outstanding

Before my procedure with Dr. Meyer I could not do anything without pain. I couldn’t even play with my children. Now it’s like I am ripe again. Your patient care is outstanding and I’m 100% better now. Don’t wait and suffer definitely make an appointment with Dr. Meyer.

I Totally Recommend Your Practice!

My Knee hurt so much it interfered with my daily activities. Plus I was unable to do various activities with my family. I am very happy with the results of the procedure performed by Dr. Meyer, it’s 100% better now! I can walk without having to rest every few minutes. I can enjoy my vacation time now. Everyone was so nice and carrying. I have told my friends about my good results and I have recommended your practice to a lot of my friends. They have seen how well I am doing and have asked for your name and phone number. I totally recommend your practice!

Couldn’t Be Happier

I was experiencing pain walking and doing most daily activities. I had to use a walker before my surgery. Emotionally I was divested – all activities were restricted. After my surgery the recovery was just two weeks with him. Now I’m very happy -couldn’t be happier, there is no pain at all. Previously on a scale of 1 to 10, I was an #8 for pain. The change is unbelievably great. If a Friend or business colleague asked me what I thought of the results of my operation from Dr. Meyer I’d say - Do it and don’t wait. It’s wonderful to be able to walk again without pain and return to normal lifestyle.

Changed My Life Tremendously

I was at the point where it was practically unable for me to perform daily work. Quality of life was very much in decline, because of pain and immobility. I was depressed, unhappy and in constant pain both Day & Night. Dr. Richard Meyer and his team changed my life tremendously with his expertise. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Meyer for anyone considering a knee replacement

A High Degree Of Integrity And Patient Care

My mobility was greatly affected at that time. I had problem walking around the block. I did anticipate I would need a hip replacement and was anxious about finding the right doctor and hospital. I am very happy with the results of my surgery by Dr. Meyer his staff and Touro Hospital. There is a huge difference in how I felt now vs before. I am back to work for the first time, going to the gym and fitting in well in my social life activities. The questions I would get about “why are you limping” are gone. Overall I am very pleased!I would recommend Dr. Meyer, and the anterior procedure. It is the only way to have a hip replacement, there is a high degree of integrity and patient care shown by Dr. Meyer and his staff.

Completely Pain Free

With mu hip problem I was having difficulty moving around comfortably. I am very happy that I had a hip replacement with Dr. Meyer… completely pain free and more flexible. The anterior cut approach gave me a shorter recovery time with less restrictions than the posterior cut. If you have a problem like me, don’t delay get it done. Strong recommendation for Dr. Meyer.

The Best Decision I Have EVER Made

I was unable to do many simple things like walking up and down stairs and was in a lot of pain. Now it’s totally different, my hip is better than ever it was. Being able to get around easily has given me a better quality of life. What can I say - Extremely happy with channel manager India - Couldn’t be better with my new ability to get around easily. It’s totally different, I feel I can do anything now. This is the best decision I have EVER made for myself. Dr. Meyer is the man!

Very Pleased

It was hard to function with the hip pain. The procedure made a big difference In my life. Wonderful not to have pain. Very pleased with Dr. Meyer and his staff. The hospital stay was wonderful as a hospital can be.

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