Orthopaedic surgeon New Orleans

Traditional knee replacement surgeries have had a very high success rate and are a commonly opted-for procedure among the elderly and the young suffering from knee problems. Arthritis, physical injury, and other joint problems in the knees call for partial or total knee replacement surgery. While traditional surgery has been very succes can offer you customized knee instruments in knee replacement surgery.

  • The knee geometry is determined from CT imaging

Orthopaedic surgeon New OrleansThe diagnosing methods used prior to knee replacements by an orthopedic surgeon in New Orleans are still the same. You would undergo the traditional X-Rays and MRI diagnostic tests. However, these tests are not only used to understand the problem and the condition of the knee but also to map the structure of the knee and the precise measurements of the anatomy of an individual. Using the details obtained, an orthopedic surgeon in New Orleans would undertake a patient-matched approach to design and make the customized knee instruments. The surgical implants designed are precisely made to perfectly fit an individual.

  • 3D Computerised Design software is used

Orthopaedic surgeon New Orleans

The custom-fit or patient-matched approach used by an orthopedic surgeon in New Orleans is known as Oxinium Patient Matched Technology. There are many benefits of customized knee instruments used in knee replacements in comparison with traditional surgery. First, the precise bone cutting and customized approach help in devising instruments that would be a perfect fit for anyone. There are no chances of misalignment. With no chances of misalignment, the surgical procedure can be quickened and there are absolutely negligible chances of infections. Surgical precision is easily accomplished by an orthopedic surgeon in New Orleans with customized knee instruments.

  •  Full precise detailed 3D planning is performed

Orthopaedic surgeon New Orleans

Additionally, custom fit implants help in reducing the recovery time or the downtime. There are fewer chances of side effects, no possibility of the body rejecting the implants and even the anesthesia time is reduced phenomenally. Custom-fit implants help in attaining the most natural knee replacement and it makes a person feel completely agile as if the problems in the knees did not exist at all.


  •  Personalized instruments and prostheses are manufactured for each individual patient that matches precisely the size and geometry of the patient’s knee.

Orthopaedic surgeon New Orleans

An orthopedic surgeon in New Orleans may take a fortnight or up to three weeks to ready the custom fit instruments but once ready, the procedure is quick, effective, and surefire. Custom-fit instruments used in knee replacements cost just a bit more than traditional knee replacement surgery but are a much more rewarding procedure for anyone.

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