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Approximately 25% of patients who undergo knee replacement surgery also require surgery on their other knee as well. The second knee replacement surgery is typically performed a number of months apart to allow for recovery. But New Orleans orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Meyer advises that having the procedure performed on both legs at the same time can actually help accelerate the patient’s recovery time.

In some cases, a your New Orleans orthopedic surgeon may suggest double knee replacement surgery. This procedure is typically recommended for patients who suffer from severe arthritis in both knees. About 30% of all patients who receive a knee replacement suffer from degenerative disease in the other joint at some point in time.

And while the double knee replacement procedure is a bit longer (3 to 4 hours vs. 1 ½ to 2 hours), there is a lower infection rate associated with it, and it only involves a single application of anesthesia.

What’s more, the patient only has to endure a single recovery and rehab period, rather than two.   According to your New Orleans orthopedic surgeon, the double knee replacement surgery – which requires longer surgical time and additional anesthesia – aren’t recommended for patients with cardiovascular problems, pulmonary disease, or those over the age of 75.

These higher risk groups experience more frequent cardiac problems during and after knee replacement surgery and experience a greater blood loss. However, even if you are comparatively healthy and free of cardiovascular problems, extending anesthesia time can increase the risk of complications.

Despite the risks and challenges of undergoing a double knee replacement, both simultaneous and staged knee replacement surgeries offer a 95 percent success rate over 15 years.  If you think you might be a candidate for a double knee procedure, call your New Orleans surgeon Dr. Richard Meyer to Schedule an appointment to discuss your options.

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