New Orleans orthopedic surgeon

According to New Orleans orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Meyer, new research indicates that false teeth, hip joints and replacement knees – and possibly printable skin and organs – will drive growth in the up-and-coming market for 3D printers over the next decade.

A report suggests that dentistry and medicine will increasingly harness one of this century’s most exciting technological breakthroughs. A report published by a Cambridge-based market research firm reveals that 3D ceramic jaw or teeth implants and metal hip replacements will become increasingly common.

Your New Orleans orthopedic surgeon reports that the parts are created by nozzles depositing fine sedimentary layers of material that build a product identical to an item that was manufactured in a factory.

While printing of complete organs for transplants may still be decades away, the use of pieces of tissue for laboratory toxicology tests for cosmetics or drugs could be ready within five years.

New Orleans orthopedic surgeon

In the US, dental labs have invested in technology that can scan a patient’s teeth so new teeth can be produced by pressing the print button.

At present, 3D printers are used mostly in the automotive industry where they help produce prototypes for new cars or parts. The next biggest market is aerospace, where manufacturers are utilizing the technology to make lighter versions of complex parts for airplanes.

3D printers have already been used to create a jaw, a pelvis and several customized hip replacements from metal. This year, orthopedic surgeons created a titanium pelvis for a man who had lost half his to a rare bone cancer. And in May doctors completed Britain’s first hip replacement, which was created by a 3D printer.

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