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According to New Orleans orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Meyer, obesity affects not only individual patient care, but the healthcare system and nearly every organ in the body as well. People who suffer from obesity often have numerous other health difficulties such as diabetes, heart disease, particular tumors and cancers, and psychiatric. However, the role of obesity in orthopaedic conditions and their treatment is less well-known

But your New Orleans orthopedic surgeon advises that even though patients who suffer from obesity face more surgical difficulties, orthopedic procedures can help minimize pain while improving bone and joint functions.

The Pains of Obesity

New Orleans orthopedic surgeonObesity carries a high risk factor for pain. According to your New Orleans orthopedic surgeon, adolescents who suffer from obesity are more likely to experience musculoskeletal soreness, including chronic local pain, than their peers who are at a normal weight.

Obesity also nearly doubles the risk of long-lasting pain among elderly patients, resulting in pain in tendons and ligaments. It can also result in disorders such as fibromyalgia in individuals who are currently experiencing chronic pain in their joints and muscles.

New Orleans orthopedic surgeon

Obesity and Osteoarthritis

Your New Orleans orthopedic surgeon advises that osteoarthritis – a progressive disease of the joints caused by wear and tear – is often connected to obesity. This is due to the fact that every pound of body weight places four to six pounds of pressure on each of your knee joints.

Research shows that excess weight increases pressure on the knees and intensifies the likelihood of the cushioning surface of the knee joint to erode, resulting in the development of osteoarthritis and the need for total knee replacement surgery.

In addition to an elevated likelihood of wear and tear on your joints, excess weight also affects your injury status. Your New Orleans orthopedic surgeon reports that the odds of suffering musculoskeletal wounds is 15% higher for people who are overweight and almost 50% higher for people suffer from obesity, compared to persons who are at a normal weight.

Statistically, children who are obese or overweight also have significantly higher odds of lower extremity injuries and pain than do children of normal weight. Back and lower extremity pain – especially of the knee and foot – are more common among children suffering from obesity.

If you have questions regarding the effects of your weight on your orthopedic health, call the office of New Orleans orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Meyer to schedule a consultation.

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