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According to New Orleans orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Meyer, knee pain is one of the most common orthopedic conditions. While knee pain can the result of many things, most of them can be improved with specific stretching and strengthening exercises. Even if surgery is required, rehabilitation exercises will definitely be a portion of your recovery process.

If your New Orleans orthopedic surgeon prescribes surgery, you can be sure that rehab tends to be an easier process in stronger knees. Patients with stronger muscles around the knee going into surgery have a more successful recovery.

Knee Exercises Are a Must!

There are two goals of knee rehabilitation: One is to prevent further weakening of the muscles surrounding the knee and the second is to alleviate the burden on the knee joint.

People who have strong muscles surrounding their knee typically have fewer problems with the joint, while weaker muscles create more work for the knee due to a lack of support. On the other hand, strong muscles of the leg support and control the knee joint much more effectively.

Stretch It Out!

The first and last portion of any exercise program should be a simple stretching routine. Some simple leg stretches can get your rehabilitation exercises started off on the right foot. Before you begin any stretching program, be sure that you understand how to stretch properly as improper stretching technique can lead to injuries.

New Orleans orthopedic surgeon

The Muscles Surrounding The Knee

The focus of most knee rehabilitation is on the muscles surrounding the knee, which include the quadriceps, hamstring, and calf muscles. When knee injuries occur, these muscles often weaken and provide less support to the knee.

Stabilizing the Hip

According to your New Orleans orthopedic surgeon, the muscles around the hip joint are often neglected, but remain a common source of knee problems. New research is indicating that knee problems can often be tracked back to weakness of the muscles that surround the hip.

A program to advance the hip stabilizers should focus on the hip abductors, flexors and gluteal muscles. Most of these exercises can be performed without free weights, and should highlight proper form.

New Orleans orthopedic surgeon

Improved Muscle Endurance

Many patients rehabilitate their knees by performing a particular number of strengthening exercises several times each day. But just as critical as the overall strength is the endurance of these muscles, because without it they will tire quickly.

Improving muscle endurance is accomplished best with low-impact cardiovascular activities, such as riding a stationary bicycle and swimming.

If you are suffering from knee pain and need relief, call the office of New Orleans orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Meyer to Schedule a Consultation.

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