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If you’re a fan of the Tonight Show, you may have heard about Jimmy Fallon’s horrible hand injury that left his hand in bandages for many months. According to New Orleans orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Meyer, hand injuries are common and often occur while people are performing the most routine, everyday tasks. They are, however, anything but simple and often require treatment by a specialized hand surgeon.

The type of injury he experienced is called ring avulsion, which occurs when the ring is torn off the finger, taking the skin with it while damaging some of the underlying structure of the hand

Your New Orleans orthopedic surgeon warns that if the blood supply cannot be restored promptly, it may become necessary to amputate the finger.   One patient experienced a similar injury when he went to dunk a basketball – his ring got caught on the metal loop holding the net, and his entire body force nearly amputated his finger as the ring was ripped from his finger.

While injuries sustained while cutting food are common, orthopedic surgeons also see injuries caused by lawn mower mishaps, which typically occur when grass cuttings get caught in the chute and someone tries to unclog the blockage. The blades often have some tension, like a spring, and taking the grass lump out makes them spin, resulting in severe injuries to the finger tips.

While accidents often require a trip to the emergency room, it’s also common for injuries to occur by overusing the hand. Your New Orleans orthopedic surgeon says these often result in tendinitis or nerve injuries. The most common overuse injuries he sees are carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, tendinitis and tennis elbow.

Hand injuries occur in all types of people, from workers to athletes and people at home of all ages.   The hand is very complex and is powerful while also being incredibly delicate. The hands are used for heavy work while still being able to perform delicate tasks. It is what makes hands so fascinating.

If you’ve sustained any injury to your hand, don’t live in pain. Call the office of New Orleans orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Meyer today to schedule a consultation and let’s get you pain free!

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