The decision to undergo a knee replacement is a major step toward reclaiming an active lifestyle, so it’s very important that you feel confident in your choice. Finding the right orthopedic specialist in Louisiana – one with a history of successful knee replacement surgeries – will help ensure you have a successful surgery and recovery.

It’s critical you feel comfortable with your orthopedic specialist and feel you can discuss your concerns and questions openly with them. Here’s what you can do to find the best surgeon for your needs.

1. Ask for referrals from:

  • Your Current Clinicians: Check with your primary care physician or general practitioner for a list of orthopedic specialists in Louisiana who specialize in or are experienced in knee replacement.
  • Check with Friends and Acquaintances: If you know anyone who has undergone knee replacement surgery, ask them who performed their surgery and whether it went well.
  • Insurance Provider: You will want to know if the surgeon you pick is covered under your insurance plan.
  • Tap Online Resources: A number of online databases provide a way to identify board-certified knee replacement surgeons and to check their credentials.

2. Evaluate the surgeon’s credentials. Spend some time reviewing the orthopedic specialist’s background, including:

  • Education;
  • Degrees;
  • Credentials;
  • Training.

Find out if the surgeon is board-certified and by what association.

3. Review the surgeon’s experience levels. It’s wise to ask a surgeon how many procedures they perform annually. Studies show that surgeons who conduct 12 or more total knee replacements in Louisiana per year are more likely to have a record of success.

4. Specialty and training:

Technology/Implant Training: Specialists in knee replacement gain valuable experience mainly by performing operations, but they can also expand their knowledge through continued education. This includes learning about new technologies, current surgical approaches and new devices.

Experience with Special or High-Risk Cases: Be sure to discuss your complete medical history with your orthopedic specialist prior to surgery. This will ensure they are able to handle your needs and any potential complications that may arise.

5. Meet with the surgeon one-on-one. Once you have compiled a short list of potential orthopedic specialists in Louisiana, you will want to schedule a consultation with each one. During these sessions, you will want to:

  • Discuss your situation;
  • Ask any questions you have;
  • Solicit their opinion;
  • Decide if they are the right surgeon for you.

6. Before the appointment. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of your pain level and knee history. It may be helpful to take an online knee pain evaluation or assessment and print out the results to bring with you. In addition, you should prepare a set of questions. Focus on what the doctor’s experience is with cases like yours, and what technologies they will use.

Are you in need of an expert orthopedic specialist in Louisiana? If so – don’t hesitate – call our office today to Schedule a Consultation.

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