We’re often asked by our patients what they can expect following a Louisiana knee replacement. If you are asking this question, you are probably concerned with how to ensure a smooth recovery. It is important to be prepared for recovery before you go in for your procedure, so we want to provide you with a step-by-step guide to knee replacement recovery.

Step #1: Understand your procedure. The first step toward a smooth recovery is to gain a better understanding of what you will be recovering from. With a clear idea of the procedure, its goals, and its possible outcomes, you can better prepare for the necessary follow-up. When your doctor recommends that you receive a knee replacement, take the time to get to know what is involved.

Step #2: Understand the timeline of recovery from bilateral total knee replacement. To best prepare for recovery from Louisiana knee replacement, it is important to begin with a general idea of how the recovery process will progress and when you can start to return to your normal activities. Often, your recovery timeline will look like the following.

• Immediately after surgery, you will be encouraged to begin moving as soon as possible and instructed to follow certain exercises and then get out of bed to start taking supported steps.
• In the first few days, you will likely be able to leave the hospital to continue stretching and strengthening exercises on your own.
• For the first several weeks, you will probably be advised to use assistance for walking, such as a walker or cane. You will also need to follow your surgeon’s instructions to care for the site of the incision.
• About six weeks after surgery, you will probably have a follow-up visit with your physician, at which point she or he may give you permission to resume most general activities, including driving.

Step #3: Schedule the help you’ll need.Based on the anticipated timeline of your recovery, you should make plans for the assistance you’ll need, prior to your procedure. You will need to arrange for a ride home from the hospital after your procedure, as well as help getting settled.

Following a Louisiana knee replacement, you will also need to have arrangements for help with driving, until your doctor gives you the approval to return to this activity, which typically happens 4 weeks after the procedure.

In addition to calling on friends and family members to help you, you can also take a few other preparative steps. For instance, you can install a safety bar and seat to your shower to add necessary support during recovery. Additionally, make sure you have a footstool or ottoman available to elevate your leg while resting.

Step #4: Follow post-operative instructions.In addition to advising when you can resume your normal activities, your surgeon will also give you instructions to follow after your procedure, including wound-care, physical therapy, and a progressive walking schedule. It is vital that you follow your surgeon’s instructions to help promote a swift and effective recovery.

Step #5: Enjoy pain-free use of your knees.Louisiana knee replacement procedures provide most patients with excellent results in terms of diminishing pain and boosting mobility, so enjoy!

Patients can typically expect a greater than 95% chance of success at 15 years out from the procedure. So, after you have followed all of the recovery instructions, enjoy your new knees and the pain-free mobility they have to offer! If you would like more information regarding a Louisiana knee replacement,call our office today to Schedule a Consultation.

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