Choosing a Louisiana orthopedic surgeon is an incredibly important decision. These surgeons have a huge amount of responsibility, operating on patients and treating often multifaceted musculoskeletal problems. In many cases they even save lives.

Given the significant nature of the position, it’s essential that your surgeon is more than simply qualified. They should go above and beyond the minimum of what’s required and provide exceptional patient care.

Every exceptional Louisiana orthopedic surgeon will exhibit the following qualities.

Courage: Being a surgeon is a highly stressful occupation because they are required to make tough calls in high-pressure situations. A good surgeon will have the courage to make difficult decisions and then stand by them. They shouldn’t be fearful to tackle difficult or complex orthopedic surgeries, even when a patient is at risk of losing a limb or even death.

Personality: As with other medical professionals, it’s essential that your new surgeon exhibits a personable bedside manner. Patients appreciate medical professionals who are kind and respectful. It’s important to find a Louisiana orthopedic surgeon who can balance compassion and professionalism.

Flexibility: Surgeries will often run for hours at a time, sometimes late into the night and on the weekends, so it’s important to find someone who has enough flexibility to accommodate such a schedule.

Leadership: Great surgeons will feel comfortable leading a team forward, whether it’s in the operating room or directing a new research project. The skill to respect the opinions of others and devise strategies for cooperation is important.

Willingness: A great surgeon will continue to educate themselves regarding developments in surgery and medicine. Surgeons who don’t want to evolve and claim that they know everything can’t be on top of their game. Your Louisiana orthopedic surgeon must also be eager to grow, look ahead to the future, and be enthusiastic to learn.

Realism: This trait should be finely balanced with a well-defined sense of determination. Successful surgeons will consider every possible way to treat a patient, while also staying realistic about outcomes. Not every patient is suitable for complex surgery, and an experienced surgeon will take this into account.

Before you visit with your new Louisiana orthopedic surgeon, think about what you hope to get out of the experience and what your expectations are, but keep in mind that the surgeon might have a different plan in mind. The majority of orthopedic surgeons are concerned about their patients’ best interests, but sometimes what the patient wants is not best.

We want to work together with you to determine the best treatment options for whatever issues you are having. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let’s get started!

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