The question we’re often asked is, “What will life be like after a knee replacement?” While no one is running a marathon a few weeks post-surgery, there are some exercises and activities to embrace and some to avoid following a knee replacement in Louisiana.

Exercises to Embrace Following a Knee Replacement

These are some exercises that will help you stay in shape and strengthen your knee without over-working it. As always, consult your orthopedic surgeon regarding whether these or any exercises are suitable after your surgery.

  • Cycling: Whether inside or outside, this is a great way to fortify your knee without placing too much weight on it.
    Walking: Begin with shorter walks and smaller steps and work your way up to being able to walk longer distances without feeling uncomfortable.
  • Low-resistance Weightlifting: Lifting weights can reduce knee pain and build strength. But get the okay from your surgeon before you start!
  • Swimming: Because swimming isn’t a weight-bearing activity, it’s a great way to get some exercise without affecting your newly-replaced knee.

Activities To Avoid Following Your Knee Replacement In Louisiana

These sports and activities can put your recovery at risk, so avoid them!

High-impact Aerobics. Aerobics can place a lot of strain on your knees in short bursts. If you don’t want to surrender your aerobics routine just yet, talk to your orthopedic surgeon about modifications that will be less stressful on your knees while still permitting you to ease your way back to your normal routine.

Running/Jogging. Some patients may be surprised to know that studies show no link between arthritis – which is the reason for most knee replacements in Louisiana – and running. The injuries caused by running such as a meniscus tear or a torn ACL can lead to arthritis and a potential knee replacement in the future.

High-impact sports. These sports – such as soccer, hockey, basketball, and football – can cause damage to your knees. Your own weight and twisting motion can negatively impact your knees with these types of sports. In addition, other players can cause an injury if they come in contact with you.

When Is The Right Time for a Knee Replacement in Louisiana?
Experts advise that one of the reasons more knee replacements are being performed today than ever before is that surgeons have determined that it’s much better to begin treatment earlier rather than later.

In the past, it was only performed on older patients, but they would lose muscle tone, get out of shape, and gain weight, which escalates aging and loss of motion. We now know that it’s better to perform knee replacement surgery early to keep the person active.

In summary, while you may not be restricted by your knee replacement in the long run, in the short-term, it’s better to take it easy. Trade high-impact activities for minimum weight-bearing versions with the guidance of your surgeon. If you’re looking for additional pain relief following knee replacement surgery or knee pain in general, contact us today to Schedule a Consultation.

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