Knee arthritis patients typically undergo full knee replacement in New Orleans to relieve arthritis pain, remain active, and uphold their quality of life. But many patients can achieve their goals with a partial knee replacement, which leaves more of the original knee intact for a more natural-feeling joint. This method means shorter recovery times and longer-lasting outcomes.

When should you opt for a partial knee replacement?

The quest for long-term relief leads many patients with arthritis of the knee to opt for a full knee replacement in New Orleans. The problem with a full knee replacement, however, is that the ligaments on the inside of the knee often have to be sacrificed, which can change how the knee feels.

In years past, if a patient had medial isolated arthritis on the inside of the knee without an ACL injury, there was no option but to have a full knee replacement. Now, a partial knee replacement can be performed with an ACL reconstruction. This is an exciting outlook for patients who want to return to their normal physical activity.

Who is a candidate for partial knee replacement?

People who suffer from arthritis might be better off receiving a partial knee replacement in New Orleans in conjunction with another procedure to restore the cartilage instead of arthroscopy alone as this will not obviously relieve pain from arthritis.

Other candidates include those who experience knee pain and who have been diagnosed with a progressive disease in only one or two parts of their knee. In the event that arthritis is discovered only under the knee, a partial replacement can be done to preserve as much normal structure as possible.

The more doctors can preserve the cartilage, meniscus, and ligaments the better the patient’s knee will feel.

Get back to being you!

A partial knee replacement procedure is not only more natural and comfortable, but it also provides a shorter recovery time compared to that with traditional surgery. When a patient has a full knee replacement in New Orleans, they face a minimum recovery time of six months.

But with new technological innovations, a partial knee replacement faces only a short, four-month recovery period. This is a big deal for someone who is physically active. In addition, there is less pain and inflammation, and more mobility.

If you’ve been experiencing knee pain from a sports injury or arthritis, don’t ignore it! You could be suffering a tear in one of the ligaments in your knee. By treating the condition early, you may be able to save more of your natural knee tissue, which can result in better function and less pain and discomfort for years to come.

If you want to know if you are a candidate for a partial knee replacement in New Orleans, contact our office today to Schedule a Consultation.

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