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The hip replacement or THR (total hip replacement) surgery that is widely used is ideal for seniors or the elderly and not for active patients. New Orleans orthopedic surgeons consider the age of 60 to be the cutoff between young and old patients. This is because hip replacement is not a surgery that the absolutely young need or have to opt for. It is a surgical procedure associated with the elderly, especially those who have deteriorated or deteriorating hips, joints, bones and soft tissues. People who are in their forties or fifties are considered to be young and active patients. The other classification of active patients is on the basis of lifestyles. There are many people in their sixties who have an active lifestyle and may still need a hip replacement surgery.

Common Surgery Option

The most common surgery carried out by New Orleans orthopedic surgeons is the total hip replacement surgery which is perfect for people aged sixty and above but not ideal for younger and more active patients. There are two types of hip replacement that active patients can opt for. One is surface replacement and the other is short stem prosthesis. Total hip replacement surgery or THR can be carried out in juxtaposition with short stem prosthesis, which is considered by many New Orleans orthopedic surgeons to be the best choice for active patients.

New Orleans orthopedic surgeons


The reason why active patients cannot and should not opt for total hip replacement is because it comes with several limitations. One can always attend to normal tasks and live a painless normal life but when it comes to severe or demanding activities, a younger and more active patient will not be able to indulge in them. Surface replacement is a simpler procedure than total hip replacement and they also attend to conserving the natural bones. This helps in reducing the pain and curing the problems in the hips without affecting the natural agility of active patients. Surface replacement may do away with the aol desktop gold customer service number need for total hip replacement for active patients when they grow older.

Any other Treatment/Option?

New Orleans orthopedic surgeons

Short stem prosthesis or THR in conjunction with short stem prosthesis can also be the ideal hip replacement procedure for active patients. Total hip replacement surgery conserves the soft tissues, just as how surface replacement conserves the bones. When total hip replacement surgery is carried out by New Orleans orthopedic surgeons along with short stem prosthesis, the procedure conserves both the bones and the soft tissues. This is an ideal scenario for active patients.

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