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What makes anterior minimally invasive hip surgery (AMIS) the best choice?

In this type of surgery, New Orleans orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Meyer accesses the hip joint from the anterior (front) side of the body by utilizing the natural muscle plane, which provides excellent access to the hip joint without having to cut or detach any muscles. The result is less bleeding, less pain and a faster recovery.

Is there evidence that this is a minimally-invasive and patient-friendly approach?

Numerous studies conducted have indicated that patients experience a shorter recovery time and are able to return to normal function much faster with this option over traditional approaches. It truly is a minimally invasive approach, as there is no damage to tendons or muscles.

Is this procedure safe?

AMIS is not as complicated as traditional methods because with total hip replacement, dislocation and unequal leg length are two of the more common complications that your New Orleans orthopedic surgeon experiences. Prior to beginning, we determine appropriate sizes for prosthetic implants using templates and adjust bone cuts based on the X-ray.

The prosthesis length is adjusted and then inserted based on the tautness of the soft tissue and the stability of the hip replacement. This approach ensures proper positioning, sizing and placement of the implants.

Can any New Orleans orthopedic surgeon perform this procedure?

This procedure requires specialization in joint replacement and a substantial number of cases to master the technique. Only a specialist knows how to ensure that the procedure is safe and reliable.

Are there any risks and considerations?

This approach greatly reduces the risks associated with total hip replacement and avoids many possible complications. There are general risks associated with any joint replacement, the most common of which include infection and blood clots. However, infection rates for total joints are only approximately 1% for primary total joint replacement in healthy individuals.

How long is the hospital stay?

Patients typically return home the day after they have the procedure. Patients who have other medical conditions are sometimes made to stay in the hospital for an additional few days.

If you would like more information regarding anterior minimally invasive hip surgery – or would like to determine if it can help you – contact the office of New Orleans orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Meyer today to Schedule an Expert Consultation.

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